Calistoga Clubhouse:

1401 N Oak Street
​Calistoga, CA 94515

Phone: 707-709-6950
Unit Director: Lainey Cronk

This is a wish list of in-kind donations the Clubs can always use.  To make a monetary donation, please visit our Donation Page. Thank you.

The Clubs are always in need of items for the kids, such as:


  • Plastic animals for models for the kids
  • Glue sticks
  • NEW markers
  • Face paints
  • Perler beads
  • Stickers
  • Paint brushes
  • Color pencils
  • Paper (card stock, regular, colored or white!)


  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Pens
  • Binder paper
  • Learning games
  • No. 2 pencils
  • Books appropriate for 1st-3rd graders


  • A new laptop computer for the Calistoga Teen Center with Photoshop
  • A Canon SLR digital camera (Calistoga Teen Center)
  • Old digital cameras (Calistoga Tech Program)
  • 12 iPads for our Tech program

Gift Certificates

  • Costco
  • Ace Hardware
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart

PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS-- be a coach, tutor, chaperone or assist with a program!

THANK YOU for your generosity and kindness.

Our Programs- Wish List
Calistoga Teen Center:

Monhoff Center Annex
1505 Grant Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

Phone: 707-339-0994​
Unit Director: Clint Ferrier


  • Board games
  • Legos
  • Card games

Healthy Habits/Cooking Program

  • Packaged snacks for our nutrition program
  • Cooking materials
  • Baking pans
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Platters
  • Ice cream machine
  • Aprons


  • Heavy duty vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Hand truck
  • Carpet cleaning machine
  • Cabinets-- for storage
  • Golf cart for the Calistoga Club
  • Xbox 360 Kinect
  • New toys


We are currently seeking sponsors for our: 


  • Potting soil and an irrigation system for our plants
  • Outside adjustable baskets for Calistoga
  • Garden supplies and a garden shed
Administrative Office and St. Helena Clubhouse:

1420 Tainter Street
​St. Helena, CA 94574

Phone: 707-963-8944
Unit Director: Ash Clements



St. Helena and Calistoga

Average Daily Attendance

  • 374 youth per school day
  • 224 youth per summer day


Yearly Participants

3,082- Total Youth Served 

  • 1,554 - Registered Members
  • 1,528 - Other Youth Served Through Community Outreach


Males - 51% • Females - 49%



  • Hispanic - 59%
  • Caucasian - 39%
  • Other - 2%



Serving children and families

in the Upper Napa Valley:

Pope Valley • Calistoga • St. Helena

Deer Park • Angwin • Hidden Valley 

Middletown • Rutherford • Oakville • Yountville


Sorry, but we do not accept:

Fresh foods • Damaged or broken items • Items with missing pieces • Old trophies

Old uniforms • Old electronics (such as old computers, printers, big screen TV's, etc.)

We also do not have the capacity to haul extremely large or heavy items, such as pool tables.

Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Helena and Calistoga