​What is a planned gift?

A planned gift is a contribution to the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Helena and Calistoga (BGCSHC)  endowment fund. Planned gifts come in many forms, the most common are:

  • Naming the BGCSHC in your will for either a set amount or a percentage of your estate. "I hereby name and bequeath to the BGCSHC __________ dollars." 
  • Or, "I hereby name and bequeath to the BGCSHC ____% of my residuary estate."

The above can be done with a simple codicil (or addendum) to an existing will.

Other examples of planned gifts are:

  • ​​Stocks and bonds
  • Land/real estate
  • Retirement assets
  • An immediate cash contribution to the endowment fund
  • Beneficiary of life insurance, 401k or IRA
  • Valuables- such as art, jewelry, cars or collectibles   ​

What is the BGCSHC endowment?

The Club’s endowment is a pool of money, wisely and conservatively invested, in which the principal can NEVER be touched. Only the annual earnings may be used. Those earning are transferred into the Club’s annual operating budget each year, ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the Club for today’s kids and for generations to come. Your gift stays local—it can never be moved or shared.​

Your gift to the endowment is truly the "Gift of Forever," as your generosity of today continues into perpetuity.  By making a planned gift to the BGCSHC, you become a member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Heritage Club, a society of thousands of people across the country who have made a planned gift to their local Boys & Girls Club.

Prior to making a planned gift, we ask that you consult with your family, your tax advisor, your attorney and your financial advisor so that you receive the maximum support and benefit.

For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Trent Yaconelli, at 707-963-8944, or trent@bgcshc.org.

Planned Giving
PLANNED GIVING…”The Gift of Forever”...name the Boys & Girls Clubs in your will or estate plan.